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This blog will appeal to those interested in legal issues affecting individuals and businesses who develop, market, and interact with products and services embodying artificial intelligence technologies. One goal of this blog is to add legal context and a different perspective to the on-going narrative about AI.

My name is Brian Higgins. I live in Maryland and work in Washington, DC. My involvement in AI technologies goes back over a decade and includes working with exceptional technologists and their natural language processing, predictive analytics, digital conversational assistants, and affective computing (emotional AI) inventions.

After several years working as an engineer, I am now a Partner at Blank Rome LLP, where I apply my engineering and law knowledge to help clients maximize business valuation through the strategic use of intellectual property rights. Most of my daily work, when I am not researching and writing about AI, involves obtaining and/or enforcing patents, copyrights, and trademarks for my life sciences, automotive, electronics, and consumer products industry clients.

Thank you for spending time with me on this blog.

Brian Higgins

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