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FTC Orders AI Company to Delete its Model Following Consumer Protection Law Violation

The nation’s consumer protection watchdog–the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)–took extraordinary law enforcement measures on January 11, 2021, after finding an artificial intelligence company had deceived customers about its data collection and use practices. In a first of its kind settlement involving facial recognition surveillance systems, the FTC ordered Everalbum, Inc., the now shuttered maker of the “Ever” photo album app and related website, to delete or destroy any machine learning and other models or algorithms developed in whole or in part using biometric information it unlawfully collected from users, along with the biometric data itself. In doing so, the agency…

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A Look Into the Future of AI Governance

The year 2020 may be remembered for its pandemic and presidential election. But it also marked a turning point in efforts to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the systems that embody them. State lawmakers in two states joined Illinois in enacting laws directed at AI-generated biometric data, and federal lawmakers introduced their own measure.  The White House in January began exploring frameworks for governing AI.  Still, the AI legal landscape remains uncertain especially for stakeholders who develop and use AI systems and want more predictability so they can properly manage legal liability risks. In this post, a time frame…