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Are Europe’s Proposed AI Regulations Tough Enough?

The European Commission’s proposed new regulations for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and systems (link to PDF here; issued April 21, 2021) include enforcement provisions that would empower public authorities to monitor regulated AI entities operating in the European Union (EU) and seek stiff fines from those that do not comply with the rules. The proposed regulations would also grant authorities the power to impose non-monetary penalties, including ordering offending companies to remove their AI systems from the EU market. These are some tough measures, assuming public authorities exercise their discretion in a way that actually incentivizes compliance and positive behavior.…

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Washington State Seeks to Root Out Bias in Artificial Intelligence Systems

The harmful effects of biased algorithms have been widely reported.  Indeed, some of the world’s leading tech companies have been accused of producing applications, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, that were later discovered to exhibit certain racial, cultural, gender, and other biases.  Some of the anecdotes are quite alarming, to say the least.  And while not all AI applications have these problems, it only takes a few concrete examples before lawmakers begin to take notice. In New York City, lawmakers began addressing algorithmic bias in 2017 with the introduction of legislation aimed at eliminating bias from algorithmic-based automated decision…